Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

A war is being fought these days and nights between the law enforcement officers of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the criminals, who destroy wildlife and fishing resources. As the poachers think up new ways to evade the law enforcement officers, so does the FWC think up and develop new ways to offset these evasions. The FWC now uses covert video surveillance, informers, intelligence gathering, officers wired for sound and major stings. All of these might sound like methods to interdict drugs, or track terrorists, but this is an additional threat. One that also affects all of us [...]

FWC investigators now patrol the beaches, using vision equipment that can spot the poachers [...] The pirate trap is located by small hidden video cameras, or listening devices, or night vision goggles, or by human information sources [...] Although FWC allows the public to know they are using sophisticated night-vision glasses as well as covert video surveillance, undercover officers wired for sound, stakeouts, stings, and confidential informants, there are other methods now in use that are not advertised [...]

(Published 10 January 2004 by Vero Beach Press-Journal, Florida.)

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