May 68

Under the paving stones, the repression (May 1968-March 1974)

Table of Contents

Part I: May 1968
1) The assassination of a utopia
2) The provocation
3) The mesh

Part II: Revenge
1) The repression of long duration
2) The hint for the high-school students
3) Payment of accounts to the students

Part III: Getting into step
1) The press repressed
2) Prohibition and censorship
3) If well-targeted expulsions
4) The legality of the "new society"

Part IV: The Allies of Circumstance
1) The PCF and the CGT: the second knives of the repression
2) Raymond Marcellin in his works


Written by Maurice Rajsfus. Published by le cherche midi editeur, 1998. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! July 2007.

Note from NOT BORED!: We had planned to translate this entire book. But while translating its first chapter, we discovered that it is Leftist horseshit, full of disinformation about the May 1968 movement, and so doesn't merit being translated. We have contented ourselves with providing critical footnotes to the chapters we had already translated before making our decision to abandon our efforts.

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