Art in Odd Places

As the private sector continues to expand and government regulations continue to intrude on the public realm, Art in Odd Places 2006, a collection of 25 local artists exhibiting in unexpected Lower East Side places, will address the question of public space and whether or not it's really so public [...]

In addition to artists' work, Art in Odd places will host a free discussion panel on September 20th at the 14th Street Y regarding alternative public exhibition spaces. Speakers will include Bill Brown, who's involved with the Surveillance Camera Players -- a group that protests the use of surveillance cameras in public places by performing before the unseen eye. Such bureaucratic issues threaten public spaces, but Art in Odd Places reminds us of their function as the epicenter for diverse social interactions and the uncontrolled exchange of ideas.

(Written by Kari Milchman, and published in the 6 September 2006 issue of The New York Press Vol 19, Issue 36.)

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