from Guy Bodson

To Guy Debord
[no date]

First of all, thank you for the loan of the issues of I.S. [Internationale Situationniste].

If I am not completely in agreement with the formulation "perfect falsification,"[1] on the contrary I am in agreement on the result that "the M[onde] L[ibertaire] too much resembles the rest of the press of its era." There are many reasons for this, including, among others, the manner in which it is made.

My position with respect to the SI can seem to you to be that of a "partisan" (mimeographed version -- which I send you -- of "Report on the Construction of Situations").

In Le Monde Libertaire #121, #122 [and] #123, there appeared articles that I signed Guy Antoine, articles which are quite moderate and the development of which has been insignificant. The article by Andre Bertrand had the merit of being a hundred times clearer.

In fact, for this [forthcoming] article,[2] everything revolves around the term libertarian research, about which I reach the conclusion that no one knows what they mean when they say: 1) research 2) libertarian. There are only two of us to defend it,[3] but this (perhaps) is explained by the fact that the SI is little read in the libertarian milieu.

G. Bodson

[1] In his letter to Guy Bodson dated 4 July 1966, Guy Debord had asked, "But what remains of the anarchists when their minuscule authority opposes itself to freedom of expression, hides the manifestation of the truth, protects falsification?"

[2] What is situationism?, published in Le Monde Libertaire #127, December 1966.

[3] Bodson himself and the future situationist Rene Riesel.

(Never published. Private distribution. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED! September 2005.)

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