Surveillance Camera Players, New York City

"Big Brother is watching you. . . " -- this sentence by George Orwell serves not only as the name of a TV show, but is also a description of reality in several world cities. Not only in New York, Paris and London, but also in Stuttgart and other cities in Germany, is the use of surveillance cameras in public places becoming the usual practice; especially since the events of 11 September 2001, it is being newly and hotly discussed. The Surveillance Camera Players (SCP) from New York City have worked on these themes for several years now. Their "surveillance camera walks" through New York combine Sunday walks with information on the locations and effects of surveillance cameras in public places. This evening, they will explain the development of their placard theatre for surveillance cameras and webcams, which is only one of their many action-campaigns.

(Writer unknown. Published in the April-July 2002 events calendar of the Tuebingen German-American Institute. Translated from the German by Bill Brown.)

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NY Surveillance Camera Players