from Guy Debord

To the Italian section
Copy to the Scandanavian section
[11 March 1970]

The undersigned comrades, present at the meeting of 11 March, are in agreement on the following points:

1) [Claudio] Pavan is no longer is the SI, and no longer has to be heard by anyone. The next delegates meeting will have to decide if he will be excluded for the facts that are known or if the SI will accept his involuntary resignation of 20 February [1970].

2) Comrade [Gianfranco] Sanguinetti is cleansed of the suspicion that he reported inexact information on 27 January. He will, however, be excluded on 15 April [1970] if by then he hasn't remitted to the French section the sum of six million Lira (of which one million will transmitted to the American section and one million to the Scandanavian section); four more million Lira must be deposited by that date, so as to pay off the debts of the Italian section or to enrich its coffers.

3) The verified and explained personal antagonisms between Comrades [Eduardo] Rothe and [Paolo] Salvadori do not have a serious character; they aren't at all characterological but, rather, result from a bad practice of theory (appeal to theory involving questions that do not merit it at the moment, or practices too "subjectivist" to clash without reproducing themselves to infinity).

These oppositions must no longer reproduce themselves, and must be surpassed by a consistent revolutionary practice and in all circumstances.

4) The tendency constituted on 14 February [1970] must immediately dissolve itself.

[Guy] Debord, [Rene] Riesel, [Eduardo] Rothe,
[Paolo] Salvadori, [Christian] Sebastiani, [Tony] Verlaan

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 4, 1969-1972. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2005.)

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