from Guy Debord

To Robert Chasse[1]
13 January 1969
Dear Robert:

We have received your letter of 30 December 1969.

We are happy to learn of the definitive constitution of your group. Thus, you are now autonomous for all of your tactical actions, and naturally we have no objection at all to the re-printing of Robin Hood[2] under the SI [Situationist International] label.

We haven't received the documents of which you have spoken (nor the copy of the letter to Blachier[3]); we also haven't received the tract on [Herbert] Marcuse. Perhaps Guy's address is bad. Write instead to Mustapha Khayati -- 31 ter, rue des Tournelles, Paris 3rd (an address not to be communicated to the exterior [of the SI]). It is Mustapha who has been charged with subsequent relations with the American group.

Concerning Blachier, we must indicate that this individual and the I.C.O. bulletin became more and more hostile to revolutionary currents, and to the SI, in the months preceding May [1968]. Since then we have been in total opposition to these retrograde crypto-bureaucrats (cf. Enrages et situ[ationniste]s [dans le mouvement d'occupation], p. 180-181). There will be a much more precise and hard critique in I.S. [Internationale Situationniste] #12.[4]

Rene has sent three collections [of I.S.]. Have they arrived?

Christian [Sebastiani], Francois [de Beaulieu], Guy [Debord], Mustapha [Khayati], Rene [Riesel], Rene-Donatien [Vienet]

[1] Situationist in the American section.

[2] The Power of Negative Thinking or Robin Hood Rides Again, pamphlet by Robert Chasse, published in April 1968 in New York.

[3] Pierre Blachier, editor of the bulletin of the I.C.O. (Informations correspondance ouvrieres) [Workers' Newsletter].

[4] I.S. #12, p. 91-93: "Why makes the I.C.O. lie?"

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 4, 1969-1972. Footnotes by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2005.)

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