from Guy Debord

To all sections of the SI[1]
18 February 1970

This tendency has been enlarged to include Comrades [Francois de] Beaulieu, [Rene] Riesel, [Raoul] Vaneigem and [Tony] Verlaan. As a group, we have decided to make precise our requirements on the following points:

1) Our tendency henceforth withdraws all confidence in Comrade [Claudio] Pavan and thus does not want to examine any retraction from him, because he signed a text of which he disapproved.

2) Our tendency will obviously not accept any retraction from Comrade [Gianfranco] Sanguinetti if it is proved (according to Pavan's accusation) that, on 27 January [1970], he relapsed in providing inexact information. Moreover, he has so often spoken of his fabulous fortune -- perhaps with the idiotic aim of seducing us? -- that we no longer want to hear about him until he has given us ten million Lira.

Beaulieu, Debord, Riesel, Rothe, Sebastiani, Vaneigem, Verlaan

[1] Circular that reproduced the text announcing the formation of a tendency in the SI (see the letter of 14 February 1970.)

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 4, 1969-1972. Footnote by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2005.)

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