from Guy Debord

To Andre Schneider[1]
19 February 1969

The day before yesterday, in the presence of Comrade Rougyf[2] and that stupid idiot Joubert,[3] you related to me something that, henceforth, I will consider as suspect as you are, and that I do not want to review, namely, an anecdote that imputes to [Daniel] Cohn-Bendit an ignominious and mendacious attitude.

I immediately demanded of you whether you were the direct witness of this declaration by Cohn-Bendit,[4] or whether it was a question of the hundred thousand gossips of which you, Joubert and that asshole Andre Bertrand[5] (add him to the list of unfortunates whom I have always scorned) have always been the deliciously exhilarated "victims" -- which is the fault of never having seen or been anything else.

You responded to me immediately and several times thereafter that you were the direct witness of Cohn-Bendit's remark.

The next day, at the house of Comrade Beaulieu,[6] you retracted this claim! I do not have the ambition to make you understand why and how you are one of the pathetic ones.

The curtain is drawn. Disappear, you whore.

Guy Debord

[1] Andre Schneider, officeholder in the General Federal Association of Strasbourg Students (A.F.G.E.S.), had participated in the Strasbourg scandal [of 1966].

[2] Rougyf, pseudonym of a member of the Council for Maintaining the Occupations (C.M.D.O.) in May 1968.

[3] Daniel Joubert.

[4] According to which, at the Sorbonne, Cohn-Bendit slapped Guy Debord in the face.

[5] Andre Bertrand, cf. Correspondance, vol. III, p. 149, note 2.

[6] Francois de Beaulieu, member of the French section of the SI [Situationist International].

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 4, 1969-1972. Footnotes by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2005.)

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