from Guy Debord

To Patrick Straram and Louis Portugais[1]
21 July 1960
Dear Comrades:

Yesterday I finally received the first issue of Cahier pour un paysage a inventer [Notebook for a landscape to be invented], as well as Patrick's letter of 31 May [1960]. I can assure you, in the name of the S[ituationist] I[nternational], that we fully approve the preoccupations and -- on the whole -- the tone of the group that expresses itself through this publication. Quite obviously, we also approve the usage to which you have put our texts and, specifically, the presentation that Patrick made.

We are in agreement on the existing solidarity and on the perspective of researches into the development of communal action.

G.-E. Debord

P.S. Very soon I will write at length to Patrick and, tomorrow, I will send the publications he's asked for. As soon as possible, I would like to receive 5 or 6 copies of the Notebook to diffuse to the sections of the SI (almost all of the situationists are outside of France). Use my address: 1, impasse de Clairvaux, Paris, 3rd.

[1] Louis Portugais, Canadian film-maker, collaborator [with Straram] on the Notebook for a landscape to be invented.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 1, 1957-1960. Footnote by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2005.)

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