from Guy Debord

To Maurice Wyckaert
Wednesday 22 June [1960]
Dear Maurice:

I have received the second package of [Asger Jorn's pamphlet] Critique [of Political Economy]. Thank you. Also send 1 or 2 packages to Asger in Albisola [Italy], where he must have arrived by now.

You must have received I.S. [Internationale Situationniste] #4 by now. Tomorrow, I'll send other small packages, because the binding is very delicate (lumaline!). I believe that the results were worth the difficulty.

I am overwhelmed with work, between the many small publications that must be prepared or expedited, a [new] film, another short-feature[1] for the DFEK [Danish-French Experimental Film Company] that I must begin in a month, and more and more numerous appointments: I am now surrounded by candidates for admission [to the Situationist International]! But I work with prudence.

Concerning DFEK, we are trying to resolve ("at the summit") our problems concerning the transportation of the film between Paris and Copenhagen. Meanwhile, it is possible that someone will come by to pick up the copy you have: you can give it to two individuals (other than Asger, obviously) if they come to reclaim it: Dahlmann Olsen and Erik Nyholm.[2] No one else. But I hope that you can project it before then, so that you and Attila [Kotanyi] are familiar with this film.

Enclosed is the last exchange of letters between Constant and I. The last, in the strong sense of the word. I'd thought that Constant's "errors" were always caused by his impetuous character and that his judgments were clumsily unilateral. But perhaps Asger is somewhat correct in speaking of provocation. I'm astonished by the idiocy of the proposal for collaboration that he addressed to me and by the insupportable ridicule of the tone in which it was made -- after so many unsavory Dutch suspects -- despite his undeniable intelligence and honesty.

Make clear to us your projected trip to Normandy. We will try to go see you for several days -- despite the overloaded use of time.

Today I sent Magda[3] the texts to be translated, except for the text[4] by [Andre] Frankin, the translation of which will be completed within 8 days (the text was terrible). Can we be assured of the speed of the printer, once he has them? It is absolutely necessary that everything is printed by the beginning of September [1960].

At what stage is your monograph? When you have received the final negatives, I will send Heimburger the negatives of I.S. #5. It isn't necessary that he has everything all at once.

Regards to all,

[1] Critique of Separation.

[2] Erik Nyholm, long-time friend of Jorn and the one who introduced him to ceramics.

[3] Magda Kotanyi [wife of Attila].

[4] "Programmatic Sketches" (cf. I.S. #4, p. 16).

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 1, 1957-1960. Footnotes by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2005.)

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