from Guy Debord

To the Strasbourgeois
Thursday 23 December [1966]
Dear Comrades:

I met Joubert here the day before yesterday: very likable.

The perspective of presenting to the U.N.E.F. Congress a motion for general dissolution is grandiose. Jourbert believes that the F.G.E.L.[1] might support this (but, without doubt, it would be, like the A.F.G.E.S.[2] in an irregular financial situation). If this motion is only presented seriously, and supported by three or four A.G.,[3] all of the scandal will start up again, extraordinarily; and would definitively exceed the local level.

Bravo for Planete!

You have handled Todd[4] exquisitely: the cretin wanted to show you that he was capable of approving you! As for the content [of his article], it is much further from comprehension than P. de Nussac.[5] But Todd presented a loyal recitation ([the attack on] Moles); and, at the level of comprehension of a vulgar student, he worked to render your position prestigious, the Observateur and Le Monde being exactly the Bible[s] of the "student." According to Joubert, the director of the U.N.E.F. was livid the day before yesterday and didn't hide his spite: "Not only did they devote three pages to you, but they supported you!"

If you must show off at the U.N.E.F. Congress on 9 January [1967], it would be good to reserve the official closing of the B[6] for around 15 January[7] (as a new explosion on a terrain that they will begin to believe is clear of mines).

It seems that a reprinting of the pamphlet[8] must be made. If there is offset reproduction available, it is necessary to add: "Second edition. 30 thousand copies" (or 20 thousand, if the reprinting consists of only ten thousand copies).[9] This in itself is a troubling "political" argument in favor of the pamphlet.

Can you send us -- or have someone bring us -- several hundred copies of the "blue" edition? Lacking any of those, the green?[10]

When will your tract[11] come out?

We have finally begun to hold our meetings here. They are set for every Tuesday at 3 pm, and (provisionally) at Donald [Nicholson-Smith]'s place. We will warn you of any changes. We thus hope that you can make some voyages that coincide with a direct arrival at the "Council."


[1] General Federation of Literature Students.

[2] Translator: Federated and General Association of the Students of Strasbourg.

[3] General Associations.

[4] The journalist Oliver Todd published an article in the 21 December [1966] issue of Le Nouvel Observateur: "Strasbourg in a Situation."

[5] In the Paris-Presse for 15 December 1966, Philippe de Nussac summarizes it thus: "Art: dead; the university: a factory; Sartre: unintelligent; peace in Vietnam: pontifical marching order."

[6] University Office of Psychological Help (B.A.P.U.)

[7] An Notice in the form of a poster announced that the closing would take place 12 January 1967.

[8] Translator: On the Poverty of Student Life.

[9] The second edition, ten thousand copies, appeared in March 1967 with the mention of 20 thousand [total copies].

[10] Since the cartoon of green covers had been exhausted, the end of the first edition had to be published with blue covers.

[11] And that's only the beginning appeared in January 1967.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 3, 1965-1968. Footnotes by Alice Debord, except where noted. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! August 2005.)

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