from Guy Debord

To Eugene Bogaert
24 January 1968
Dear Sir:

Thanks for you [New Year's] wishes: receive mine.

I have heard that one mistreats me on the [air]waves (elsewhere as well, moreover). You are right to think that we are rather satisfied.

To return to the solid:

1) The state of our accounts at the end of 1967.

At the end of the month of August [1967], we deposited a check for 10,000 francs, plus -- once isn't a custom -- an advance of around 4,500 francs. Since then, we have received your bill dated 30 October (concerning [the printing of] issue #33 [of Internationale Situationniste] for 14,853 francs. Subtraction reveals that we currently [still] owe you 10,000 francs (plus several hundreds that I can not calculate).

2) We can deposit this sum in the following months (and before undertaking the next issue[1]), but unfortunately not immediately. We have already given you a small sum, because we are desperate straits -- only momentarily -- due to the two trials that are face at the same time and because of advances that we must provide [several] different lawyers.

Your slow but loyal debtor,
Guy Debord

[1] Translator: the 12th (and last) issue of Internationale Situationniste was published more than a year and a half later, in September 1969.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 3, 1965-1968. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! September 2005.)

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