from Guy Debord

To J.V. Martin
24 March [19]62
Dear Martin

Than you for your letter of the 22d [of March 1962].

Yes, we have sent the letter to Vernissage from a large number of different towns, in many languages, so that these scoundrels do not forget our international power.


With the delegation of powers that we sent you yesterday, you can take in hand the editorship of the journal Danish Art -- and, moreover, all of our problems in the Scandanavian countries.

Here is the list of texts to be published in Danish:

a) at first, a minimum list:

Internationale Situationniste #6: editorial note: "Instructions for a military parade" (military parade = taking up arms, armed insurrection -- the phrase is from Blanqui).
Internationale Situationniste #6: article: "Preliminary Program of the Bureau of Unitary Urbanism."
Internationale Situationniste #5: editorial note: "The Situationist Frontier."
Internationale Situationniste #4: editorial note: "On the Use of Free Time."
Internationale Situationniste #3: editorial note: "The Sense of Decline in Art."

b) and, if it is possible to arrive at a maximum list, you can add texts taken from the following list:

Internationale Situationniste #1: editorial note: "Preliminary Problems in the Construction of a Situation."
Internationale Situationniste #4: editorial note: "The Theory of Moments and th Construction of Situations."
Internationale Situationniste #1: article: "Theses on the Cultural Revolution."
Internationale Situationniste #3: editorial note: "Unitary Urbanism at the End of the 1950s."

The first explanatory text that it would be necessary to publish at the same time is the anti-Nash declaration of the C[entral] C[ouncil] that we sent you yesterday.[2]

In addition, you can place certain explanatory notes, especially the dates of publication of these articles in I.S.

And, if you make a general presentation of situationist theories, you can emphasize the aspect of surpassing traditional art, our experiences with it, before its extension to the environment (decor, urbanism) and to the possibilities of behavior. I think that it is no longer necessary to respond to Nash directly; he can now experience the surprise of our public positions when he happens to see them.

Amicable regards to Inger[3] and you.


[1] Jeppensen Victor Martin, a Danish painter and situationist in the Scandanavian section.

[2] "Proclamation of the Situationist International!" from the Central Council of the Situationist International.

[3] The wife of J.V. Martin.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 2, 1960-1964. Footnotes by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2005.)

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