from Guy Debord

To the members of the French section of the SI
Copies to the American, Italian and Scandanavian sections
28 July 1969
Dear Comrades:

In preceding discussions, we have all agreed that it has become necessary to change the current format of the French journal [Internationale Situationniste], despite its success and also because of it: that is to say, to change its size, its rhythm of publication, and the even fashion in which it has organized an ensemble of texts. This renewal must give to all the occasion to collaborate equally, which certainly isn't favored by the specialized qualifications acquired by two or three of us in the handling of the old format.

Consequently, after the publication of issue number 12, anticipated (if the problem of the still missing article by Mustpha [Khayati] is happily resolved) for the beginning of September, I will cease assuming the responsibility, which is as much legal as editorial, for the "direction" of this journal.

The old revolutionary principle of the rotation of tasks, after so long, suffices to justify this decision. It has all the more weight in the circumstance that several texts from the SI have strongly placed the accent on the sufficient coherence and capacities of all its members. On the other hand, since many of our adversaries have stupidly been inclined to present me as "the head" of the SI, I believe that we must take care, from the point of view of the external creators of stars, to bring me back into the shadows as much as we can. It would be still worse, from the internal point of view, that a trust automatically accorded by the SI ends by accrediting the illusion that I can have, in whatever fashion, an irreplaceable role. These reasons are so convincing that it is useless to invoke several personal motivations, of which I have a surplus.

I believe that the next comrade whom we designate for this task must be chosen as a function of the plans that can be proposed for the future form of the French journal. Seeing the importance that this journal has had, and can still have, for situationist activity as a whole, perhaps it can even be agreed to invoke the question at the next conference of the SI [in September 1969]?


[1] Exactly 12 years to the day after the formation of the SI at the Conference at Cosio d'Arroscio, Italy.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 4, 1969-1972. Footnoted and translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2005.)

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