from Guy Debord

To Daniela Marin[1]
3 January [19]68
Dear Daniela:

Mario Perniola has written to me to indicate that you have need of the two books[2] for Feltrinelli.[3] I sent them to you today.

Perniola also tells me that he expounded to you his worries about the risks of seeing the SI become an "imported intellectual fashion" in Italy. Certainly, at a subsequent stage, we will have to envision an adequate practice in Italy so as to avoid this type of recuperation (as we have succeeded in avoiding it elsewhere).

But, for the current moment, we would like Feltrinelli to formally engage himself as quickly as possible in these translations. We believe that this would be useful, not only for the debate in Italy, but also in the short-term for favoring translations in several other countries, which is important for our collective task.

In the most recent issue of Le Nouvel Observateur, there is a long article[4] that attacks our "revolutionary dogmatism" -- drafted by an old Stalinist who, today, no longer loves cybernetic philosophy.

Congratulations on your beautiful Italian edition of The Poverty.

Guy Debord

P.S. To remain in contact with Paris, you can write to me at the following address: Alice Becker-Ho, 169, rue Saint-Jacques, Paris, 5th (without mentioning my name).

[1] Daniela Marin, Anna Bravo, Giovanni Butrico and Luisella Passerini translated On the Poverty into Italian and drafted the preface to the Feltrinelli edition that appeared in December 1967.

[2] [Guy Debord's] The Society of the Spectacle and [Raoul Vaneigem's] The Treatise on Living [for the Younger Generations].

[3] Translator: the SI's relationship with Feltrinelli ended very badly. See these letters for more on the subject.

[4] "The Last International," by Francois Chatelet (Nouvel Observateur, 3 January 1968).

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 3, 1965-1968. Footnotes by Alice Debord, except where noted. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! September 2005.)

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