from Guy Debord

To J.V. Martin
8 May 1965
Dear Martin:
TOP SECRET! [English in original]

Very important news: yesterday [Asger] Jorn was at Michele [Bernstein]'s place (I wasn't present). Jorn is very impressed by all of the Randers affairs; he now goes to Denmark and he wants to meet you. He sees in this whole affair an important NATO conspiracy against the SI (I agree but must say that there is also the complicity of the Warsaw Pact, of the Stalinists).

Jorn wants to help us, but not in openly launching himself into battle (except if things become more serious); and I prefer this solution: that the SI defends itself -- and attacks -- by itself!

Jorn's help must be to give you -- above all, in my opinion -- economic aid. Money. Perhaps useful relations (with printers or even galleries, if he wants).

We have immediate need (from Denmark):

1) The publication of a pamphlet (a short book), of around twenty pages, with photos, on the [anti-NATO] demonstration at Randers and the entire affair of the bomb, explaining the positions of the SI, our methods, and all of the repression directed against us.

2) The publication of issue #2 of Situationistisk Revolution.

If Jorn can do more, so much the better! If he can only do a minimum (he is no longer very rich), I propose producing point 1 (the pamphlet).

Anything that Jorn will be able to do, practically, so as to make Martin known as an avant-garde militant and an artist will be good.

On the question of money, I believe that this is the moment that you can propose to give (or sell) a cartograph[1] -- or more -- to the Silkeborg Museum,[2] which supports our struggle.

The principal tactic [in dealing with Jorn] is to reduce discussions of theory to the minimum (Jorn can get attached to some ideas that are too "Scandanavian" . . .), and to discuss tactics and the practical things to be done immediately as much as possible.

I am sure that, for the essential, Jorn is good in battles of this type. He has always been a free and revolutionary spirit, and will support us against enemies of this kind. It is obviously not necessary now to highlight his old errors (on Nashism) -- but you must not forget them too much (Hey! Man! [English in original]. We knew the struggles of '62-63).

Summary: guard the complete independence of the SI, but accept with friendship all help from all of those who actively sympathize with the SI against the police and NATO.

Write me the news quickly.


A good translation, please! Thank you, Inger [English in original].[3]

P.S. In two or three days I will send you two very good books[4] published in Paris by two young situationist comrades. This could be a "decisive turning point" on this front. . . .

[1] The Thermonuclear Cartographies by J.V. Martin, paintings depicting "several regions of the world at different hours of the next world war."

[2] The Museum of Modern Art in Jutland [a part of Denmark].

[3] Not a speaker of French, Martin corresponded through the help of his wife.

[4] Autopsy of God and The Illustrated Tragic Illusion, published simultaneously by Julliard and authored by the brothers Francois and Jean-Pierre George.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 3, 1965-1968. Footnotes by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! August 2005.)

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