from Guy Debord

"To several trustworthy people"
April 1987

Note to the letter to PS dated 11 December 1984[1]

The thesis of Paolo Salvadori had been that Gerard Lebovici could only have been assassinated by the French State, and because he represented a grave and imminent peril to it. PS affirmed that I had to "reveal" this unquestionable (but perhaps a little abstract) truth immediately. According to him, the respect that one customarily had for my analyses would guarantee that everyone would understand this thesis.

One must remember that this text [the letter in response] was precisely dated.

Since then, certain details evoked in it have already changed, and I believe I myself have made notable theoretical progress in the analysis of the advanced spectacular society. But the ensemble remains exact.


[1] Letter to Paolo Salvadori dated 11 December 1984.

(Published in Guy Debord Correspondance, Vol 6: Janvier 1979-Decembre 1987 by Librairie Artheme Fayard, 2006. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! June 2007. Footnote by Alice Debord.)

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