Countering No Rights Zones

[...] It's no accident that the Thought Police are acting more brazenly these days. After the easy passage of the USA PATRIOT act, and the mostly cowed attitude of the flying public, they probably thought they were safe to do whatever they wanted. However, even the mindless among us are beginning to notice similarities between Nazi Germany and the United States of today. Our freedoms are becoming increasingly fenced off, only "permitted" to be exercised in areas and ways the Thought Police deem appropriate. I've started calling areas where our rights are limited "no rights zones."

What are no rights zones? Here are a few clues to help you puzzle it out:

* airport security checkpoints
* walking along the street
* virtually any public transportation system
* major sporting events
* public schools
* any common carrier aircraft
* your automobile
* internet chat rooms, message boards, and usenet groups
* national parks
* universities
* your home

Get it now? A no rights zone is created anywhere an individual's rights as affirmed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights are trampled. Unfortunately, the Busheviks -- Ashcroft, Mineta, and company -- are trying to turn the entire nation into one huge no rights zone [...]

A fairly innocuous -- and anonymous, if you're careful about it -- action is to mark the no rights zone in some way. For example, the New York surveillance camera situation is so well known one man has been giving guided tours. He also places large stickers on the poles that read, "You are being watched -- Surveillance camera notice." Surveillance cameras aren't only a problem in New York City, folks; wouldn't it be great if such notices got plastered on or near every surveillance camera across the country? [...]

(Written by Sunni Maravillosa and published in the August 2002 issue of Doing Freedom.)

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