We believe it useful to indicate that a certain number of people who have never had any kind of relationshop with the situationists are -- here and there, in the service of diverse ends -- passing themselves off as members of the SI [Situationist International].

The impoverished aspect of the opinions that these people might express should suffice to place their auditors on their guard, that is, from the moment that, in the presence of this kind of sollicitation, they keep up a minimum level of scepticism [mefiance]. These facts have been related to us from Bordeaux, Grenoble and elsewhere. In Paris, following a certain Dominique Frager, who was in operation around December [1966], people named Christian Descamps and Alain Guillerm[1] tried in April [1967] to adopt the same roles.

We repeat that the only ways in which one can make contact with the SI are writing to our address (Post Box 307-03 Paris) or being presented by one of the organized groups with whom we agree to entertain relations. The names of a sufficient number of members of the SI are always mentioned in each issue of this journal. Anyone who claims to be able to avoid this necessary screening-process designates himself to be a mythomaniac or a provocateur. Be careful!

[1] Trans. As we have noted in an essay on Cornelius Castoriadis, Alain Guillerm was a "pro-situationist" member of the Socialisme ou Barbarie group and Dominique Frager was on the fringes of S. ou B. in its last years (1965-1967).

(Unattributed. Published as an editorial note in Internationale Situationniste #11, October 1967. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! March 2006.)

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