Who's watching you?

Today, it's hard to escape those eyes in the sky

[...] Perhaps constant video surveillance is, like random groin-wandings, a small price for feeling safer on planes, just as having a camera over your shoulder in a department store may be worth a drop in shoplifting.

But the prospect of being watched by strangers inspires ire in some. A New York group of guerilla thespians calling themselves the Surveillance Camera Players stage silent plays for public surveillance cameras, to protest their existence. The group's founder, Bill Brown, writes in an e-mail from Brooklyn that "if people have had a bad experience with a cop or security guard, they are opposed to surveillance. If they have had no bad experiences, they are in favor of it." [...]

(Written by Sam Eifling and published in the 19 October 2003 issue of Florida Today.)

Contact the New York Surveillance Camera Players

By e-mail SCP@notbored.org

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