Crime Control or Crime Culture CCTV?

[...] Simon Davies and others are adamant about the disbenefits, indeed the threat posed by CCTV. Mark Thomas comedian, writer and TV documentary maker encourages activists through his website to use the Data Protection Act to demand footage from any CCTV camera they feel may have 'captured' them. Finally the [S]urveillance [C]amera [P]layers (motto: 'Distrustful of all Government') stage plays/protests to give the cameras something to watch. They are not alone: David Shenton, cartoonist, graphically (Guardian July 1995) renders an imagined amateur dramatic group using the CCTV cameras as an audience and independently the author imagined something similar [...]

(Written by Nic Groombridge and published in Surveillance & Society, Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2002).

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