Subversive Remarks

Tough Customers!

In the most recent issue of our newspaper, an article informed us of 'Situationism.' Father Easy[1] would like to deposit in this dossier an edifying text that appeared in a pamphlet for students[2] and edited by these shocking intellectuals.

"As far as the diverse 'anarchist' groupuscules, who are collective prisoners of this name, they possess nothing other than an ideology reduced to a simple label. The unbelievable Monde Libertaire, which is obviously drafted by students, attains the most fantastic degree of confusion and stupidity. These people can actually tolerate anything, because they tolerate each other."

At all times, bourgeois youth -- in veins of exhibitionism -- have loved to place their asses to the window, so as to shock the ladies and anger the passers-by. The verbal gesticulations of the situationists are of no consequence; and we can reassure the reader that we will find them once again in several years, their police records clean, their buttocks plump, their bank accounts comfortably furnished, holding forth Sunday mornings at the Cafe du Commerce, waiting for their ladies, who are occupied with giving bread to the poor at the Great Mass at 11 o'clock. Meanwhile, I would like to draw the attention of the reader to the dusty style of this "proletariat of the college," these intellectuals of the baccalaureat.

"The self-management of militant alienation will only make men the programmers of their own survival: it is the squaring of the circle."

Certainly Corneille has taught us that value isn't a function of age. These gentlemen are quite convinced. Father Easy thinks that fuckery is no longer a question of age. You have the proof!

I must add that these idiots who address themselves "to the masses," to the "proletariat," can count on the fingers of two hands the numbers they have mobilized.

For a century, our libertarian movement has treated well groups of intellectuals who at twenty descend (symbolically) into the street and who at forty travel through the factory (actually) with a whip in hand. Our movement will treats others well, too.

Furthermore, it is curious to see the eagerness of the bourgeois press, which refuses to pass on information emanating from the revolutionary workers' movement, take up and popularize the gesticulations of these puppets. It doesn't deceive itself! It knows what the ell is worth! It awaits "the revolutionaries of the schoolyard" at the turn. It knows well that it can recuperate them at the desired moment.

The terrain [for the situationists] to occupy is among the crowds of Briands and Herves.[3] It suffices for them to adjust the blow; but, in any case, ultra-Leftism remains the ideal springboard for the Maria-Louises of the busy bourgeoisie to sow their wild oats.


[1] In French, Pere Peinard.

[2] Of course, On the Poverty of Student Life was not "for" students, but was directed against them.

[3] People from bourgeois backgrounds.

(Written by Maurice Joyeux and published in Le Monde Libertaire #128, January 1967. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED!)

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