La vie s'ecoule, la vie s'enfuit

Life goes by, life escapes
The days march by to the step of boredom
Party of the Reds, Party of the Grays
Our revolutions are betrayed

Work kills, work pays
Time is bought at the supermarket
Paid time does not return
Youth dies from lost time

The eyes, made for love to love,
Are the reflections of a world of objects
Without dreams and without reality
We are condemned to images

Those who were shot, the famished
Come towards us from the depths of the past
Nothing has changed but everything begins
And ripens in violence

Burn, dens of priests
Nests of merchants, police officers
On the wind that disseminates the tempest
The days of festival are harvested

The guns directed at us
Against the bosses they will be turned
No more leaders, no more State
They profit from our battles

(Words by Raoul Vaneigem, May 1968; music by Francis Lemonnier. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! October 2006. Slight modifications made January 2015. Click here to hear the song performed by Jacques Marchais.)

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