the White House protects cyberspace

In the United States, a new national strategy has been adopted to strengthen computer security. And surveillance cameras are multiplying on the ground.

In mid-September, the team at the White House in charge of protecting the computer security of the United States unveiled its new plan, entitled "National Strategy for the Security of Cyberspace." This plan encourages citizens and firms in charge of the nation's security to face the menaces presented by viruses and other forms of electronic attack upon the state, the economy or individuals [...]

These recommendations to citizens and firms accompany an interventionism taken on by the authorities. For several months, technological security measures have taken the form of surveillance cameras installed at a number of public places. In February of this year, it was estimated that there were 2 million such cameras in the United States. Bill Brown, New York defender of civil liberties, affirms that there are more than 5,000 such cameras in Manhattan. Seventy-five times a day they record the images of the passers-by [...]

(Written by Francis Pisani, published on 8 October 2002 by Largeur and translated from the French by Bill Brown.)

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