Letters to the Heretics

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These letters from Enrico Berlinguer to several leaders of the new Italian Left propose for public debate the possible modalities of the management of power in the reality of current Italy.

At a time when the country’s economic and social conflicts tend to lead towards disintegration, and the centers of power tend to multiply potentially to infinity, Berlinguer interprets this state of affairs as necessary in the perspective that managing this reality should no longer be based on commands but on consent or, to be more precise, on the prefabrication of dissent.

Contingent political antagonisms can thus be seen as dialectical moments in an administration of power that continuously moves towards a higher form, but cannot be neutralized if barbarism is to be avoided.

Enrico Berlinguer, the General Secretary of the Italian Communist Party since 1972, was born in Sassari in 1922. After the Resistance, he was the Director of the Youth Front and the General Secretary of the Communist Youth Federation from 1949 to 1956, later becoming part of the governing bodies of the Party, of which he was elected Assistant Secretary in 1969.

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