Street Theater for Video Surveillance

Yesterday, the unusual theatre group Surveillance Camera Players (SCP) from New York surprised the officers of the data police with an unexpected performance. The approximately 30-member performance group, which has traveled to cities in the USA and Europe that have surveillance cameras, performs various plays of social criticism, for example, George Orwell's Animal Farm. For the surveillance cameras, the actors perform with masks on and hold up signs with texts printed on them. "It is not true that those who have something to hide are the only ones opposed to surveillance," is the groups' motto. Michael Eckenweber, the policeman in charge, calmly regarded yesterday evening's spectacle. "Suddenly, in the Paradeplatz, there are 30 people on foot and riding bicycles," he reported. The officers certainly didn't do anything to stop the walking performance. Eckenweber: "We let the people have their fun."

(Written by lang, published in the 21 May 2002 issue of Der Mannheimer Morgen, and translated from the German by Bill Brown.)

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