Stones, Merloni and more

It's time to let the weirdness out again. Every day, while we cruise the Internet, we're always on the lookout for curious, bizarre or unique sites. And, as regular readers know, it doesn't take long to build up a decent reserve. So here are the latest entries in our ongoing oddball procession. Make yourself comfortable; we think you'll like them [...] -- You've read the articles in recent years about the creeping presence of surveillance cameras. Meet the Surveillance Camera Players, a group that seeks out those cameras to perform skits and protests. See pictures of past events, and read their statements of purpose: "If the enemy is going to clutter our landscape with watchful eyes, we should look into those eyes and let them know how silly we think they are" [...]

(Written by Kurt Blumenau and published in the 10 July 2005 issue of The Metro West Daily News.)

Contact the New York Surveillance Camera Players

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By snail mail: SCP c/o NOT BORED! POB 1115, Stuyvesant Station, New York City 10009-9998