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get a different glimpse of Gotham on these weird walking tours

Strolling through New York City, adventure's everywhere you turn. Still, there are ways to make the everyday saunter through the Big Apple even more exhilarating than usual.

Just head out to one of a number of funky walking tours in Harlem, the Bowery, and all points in between this summer to learn everything about the city -- from its radical past to its security-conscious present.

[...] If exhibitionism is more your thing, meet up with Bill Brown, a man so paranoid he has devoted his life to exposing myriad security cameras -- 131, he says -- that encircle Times Square.

Though he is a natural nemesis of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and, well, you get the picture, Brown was once helped by one of New York's Finest while leading the Surveillance Camera Outdoor Walking Tours around City Hall.

"An officer led the tour for a few minutes," Brown says. "He asked me if I knew about the one [the surveillance camera] across Broadway and 200 feet up. Of course, I didn't." [...]

(Written by Daniel Schiff and published in the 8 June 2002 issue of The New York Post.)

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