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The New York Surveillance Camera Players

Every time I use an Automated Teller Machine Machine I make a habit of waving into the camera. With my deposit or withdrawal, the bank gets another set of pictures me. Not saying hello would be plain rude. Taking the idea of rude and cameras to a level of anarchy, The New York Surveillance Camera Players have for years misbehaved in view of the assorted cameras in and around New York City. Far more saying hello, this group which has sprouted international chapters takes pleasure in giving the people behind the cameras surrounding them a bit of a show. News crews have followed the players around town to the point that The New York Surveillance Camera Players are now able to pick and choose who they speak with. Protesting closed circuit cameras isn't all that difficult but the amusement factor is quite high, especially in a wide open public space. Complete instructions, images, and accounts of past protests are here. Never disturbing nor destroying closed circuit cameras, The New York Surveillance Camera Players have a site that may disturb certain visitors. That's probably what they have in mind.

[By Edward J. Pelegrino copyright 2001. Published on 5 November 2001 by Site du Jour of the Day.]

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