Funding and Expenses

Any and all money needed to fund the activities of the New York Surveillance Camera Players (SCP-New York) comes from "the pockets" -- the personal monies -- of the group's members. We've never accepted any money from anyone else.

Our expenses are minimal. The materials needed to create and stage an SCP play -- large white placards and thick "magic" markers -- are not expensive. Each play costs approximately $30 to make. Each performance of a play involves spending approximately $5 on photocopied flyers. The only cost incurred by our walking tours is photocopying, which runs about $2 per week. It costs approximately $30 per month to run our web site.

And so, over the course of a year, the SCP-New York's expenses are approximately $614.00. Except for its plays and a single computer, the group has no valuable assets.

4 October 2001

Contact the NY Surveillance Camera Players

By e-mail or by snail mail: SCP c/o NOT BORED! POB 1115, Stuyvesant Station, New York City 10009-9998