Getting Involved

On occasion, we (the New York Surveillance Camera Players) are contacted by people who want to "get involved" in what we are doing. Though we wish to encourage everyone to get involved in the struggle to protect and defend our collective and individual rights to privacy, anonymity and free assembly, we need to make clear the types of involvement that we encourage, and those that we do not.

We encourage potential performers to contact us. To become a performer with the SCP, you 1) must be unreservedly in accord with the SCP's basic positions; 2) must be someone who lives in or near New York City, or is passing through NYC when the SCP is scheduled to perform; 3) must be comfortable with and (ideally) capable of deriving pleasure from appearing in public and, of course, on the closed-circuit television monitors of who-knows-how-many surveillance systems; 4) need not be one of the SCP's media spokespeople, but should be comfortable with the fact that the group is media-friendly and so is often videotaped and interviewed; 5) need not have any professional training as an actor; 6) cannot be a professional actor; 7) cannot expect financial compensation for your involvement; 8) must be an anarchist, autonomist, libertarian, free-thinker or "independent"; 9) cannot be a Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyite or Maoist, an adherent to the ideologies of the Republican, Democratic or Reform Parties in the United States, or someone who is racist, sexist or homophobic; and 10) cannot be a police officer, an informant of any kind, a private security guard or a member of any of the United States' armed forces or intelligence agencies.

We encourage those who wish to become performers, but do not live in or near New York City, to form your own "Surveillance Theater" group (you can even use the name SCP, if you like), provided that any group calling itself the Surveillance Camera Players cannot destroy, disable or do anything else criminal in nature to any video camera, monitor or system. If you plan to form your own SCP, please check out our How To Do It guide.

We discourage you from 1) asking the SCP to come to your town or city so that people where you live can check us out; 2) coming to one of our performances with the intention of being a spectator or a spy; 3) attempting to get us to perform in any location that is not under video surveillance by real security guards or police officers; 4) offering to help design or improve the design of our website; or 5) attempting any commercial exploitation of our existence or activities.

Contact the Surveillance Camera Players

By e-mail or by snail mail: SCP c/o NOT BORED! POB 1115, Stuyvesant Station, New York City 10009-9998