does surveillance equal safety?

There are surveillance cameras, installed "for our protection," in almost every public place. But the crimes that most directly affect women happen in the home, not out on the streets.

Over 80 percent of rapes happen between acquaintances and between 60 and 70 percent occur in-doors.

Women are more often victims of domestic violence at the hands of their husbands than of burglary, muggings, or other physical assaults by strangers/intruders.

Surveillance devices actually help abusers keep track of and hunt down the women they are stalking and harassing.

Surveillance doesn't prevent or stop crimes against women, it simply gets blurry pictures.

If surveillance doesn't stop crime, what is it good for?

(This statement was authored by the Pink Bloque and has been slightly altered and adopted by the New York Surveillance Camera Players, 2 July 2003.)

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