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The future is being televised, and where you go to get the tapes? A PO Box. That being said, anarchy can be fun, if not profitable. Chapter 2 in Arizona [the Arizona Surveillance Camera Players] recently began "Taking Back the Cameras" with some perfomances of their own. Strength in numbers. When you go to the [SCP's] site, make sure to check out the hand drawn maps of camera locations -- ninety-six cameras on the Lower East Side alone, at least proving the clinically-schizophrenic Kleenex-diary nature and accuracy of the information. The obvious question is why not have a webcam on the site. Oh right, because then you wouldn't get to go to the Astor Place Theatre and Urine Festival and do it there.

I have this recurring dream where I am standing up at every daytime talk show and yelling the same sentence over and over again, "You on the end... You know nothing about family". If I actually live out this fantasy, I'll have just a small idea about the sense of satisfaction that these guys [the SCP] must get everyday. Congratulations.

[By John Fucile and originally published on 5 May 2001 by Smackdab Media.]

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