We Defend Freedom

We, who are situationists, protest against the assignation of the Grand Prize for Painting in Sao Paulo, 1959.

First prize the traitor

Modesto Cruixard

unjust informer against the painters Saura and Tapies, which was paid informing that is all the more serious because she slyly placed them in great difficulties with respect to the police organizations of their countries.

The injustice of the proceeding -- endorsed by the official character of the award and by the financial compensation -- fills the honest world with horror and we, who are situationists, condemn this shameful gesture to the execration of the world of art.

Alba del Piemonto, November 1959

Situationist Laboratory of Alba

S.p.u.r. Group
(German situationist section present at Alba)
Hans-Peter Zimmer - Heimrad Prem - Helmut Sturm
Renee Nele - Erwin Eisch - Lothar Fischer

(Published as a tract. Mentioned in Internationale Situationniste #3 [December 1959], p. 18. Translated by NOT BORED! June 2005 from the French version published in Archives Situationnistes: Volume 1: Documents traduits 1958-1970.)

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