Bibliography of American Pro-Situationists

Against Sleep and Nightmare, Against Sleep and Nightmare. 1-3 [?] (1988[?], Oakland).

Annihiland, "Certificate of Reformism" (no date, San Francisco).

Bad Beaners Brigade, "The Poverty of Chicano Artists" (no date, Los Angeles).

Barbarians for Socialism, "Exemplary Quotations from S26M" (no date, New York).

------------------, "From Moscow to Morocco, there is a Red Army of Women too" (1980, New York).

------------------, "Still Wanted: Mary Bailey Mary Bailey" (no date, New York).

------------------, "The Attractions Take the Words they want: Are you ready for the Vinyl Solution?" (no date, New York).

------------------, "The Seven Providence Theses" (1979, New York).

------------------, "Wishful Shipwreck" (no date, New York).

Black, Bob, The baby and the bathwater: the unspeakable truth about Processed World (1985, Berkeley).

------------------, The Abolition of Work, and other essays (1985, Port Townsend, Washington).

Black, Bob and Adam Parfrey. Rants and incendiary tracts: voices of desperate illumination, 1558 to the present (1989, Port Townsend, Washington).

Brown, Bill. NOT BORED! (1983 to present, New York).

------------------, Lettrist Poetry (1997, New York). Audiotape.

------------------, Rare Texts by the Situationist International 1966 to 1972 (1997, New York).

------------------, reprint of Perspectives, At Dusk: the Situationist Movement in Historical Perspective (1997, New York).

Bureau of Control. State of the Art: for today's artist (1990, Texas).

Bureau of Public Secrets. (See Knabb, Ken.)

Capitalist Crisis Studies [former members of For Ourselves]. Crises of Nature: How Humanity Saved the Biosphere (January 1977).

------------------, The Totality Is Beautiful: Small Is A Decoy (February 1977).

Caribbean Correspondence, Caribbean Correspondence #1 (1975, New York/Kingston, Jamaica).

Charlatan Stew, translation of Class Struggles in China (1976, New York City).

Carlsson, Chris and Mark Leger, Bad Attitude: The Processed World Anthology (London and New York, 1990).

Carrion, Tita, with Robert Cooperstein, Isaac Cronin, Dan Hammer, Ken Knabb, Gina Rosenberg and Chris Shutes, "Notice concerning the reigning society and those who would contest it" (1974, Berkeley).

Catalysis. Too Little Too Late: A Critique of the East Bay Socialist School (1974).

------------------, Catalysis contract (no date, Berkeley).

Chasse, Robert, The Power of Negative Thinking, or Robin Hood rides again (1968, New York).

------------------, translation of "Geopolitics of Hibernation" (1968, New York).

------------------, translation of "Perspectives for Conscious Modifications of Daily Life" (1968, New York).

Chasse, Robert and Bruce Elwell, A field study in the dwindling force of recognition where it is least expected: A critique of the Situationist International as a revolutionary organization (1970, New York).

Collective Inventions, "Defense Mechanisms" (1980, San Jose).

------------------, "The Unbalance of Power: Power of the Unbalanced" (1980, San Jose).

------------------, "Consumer's Guide to the Jam" (1982, San Jose).

------------------, "Poland" (1982, San Jose).

Contradiction, "Open Letter to John Zerzan, anti-bureaucrat of the SF Social Services Employees Union" (1971, Berkeley).

------------------, "Bureaucratic Comix" (1971, Berkeley).

------------------, "Wildcat Comics" (1971, Berkeley).

------------------, "Methods for the communication of confusion" (1971, Berkeley).

------------------, "Contradiction comments on Point-Blank's high school pamphlet" (undated [1971], Berkeley).

------------------, letter to Point-Blank! (1971, Berkeley).

------------------, "Anti-Fascism and the Cybernetic Welfare State" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Bookchinism" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Communes and Collectives" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Movement critique" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "On the Poverty of Hip Life" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Women's Liberation" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Yippies and Weathermen" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Rough outline of the Planned Contents of Contradiction's Unrealized Journal" (unpublished draft, no date, Berkeley).

Contradiction and Point-Blank!, "Out of Order" (1971, Berkeley and Palo Alto).

------------------, "Still Out of Order" (1971, Berkeley and Palo Alto).

------------------, "Open letter to Good Times (1971, Berkeley and Palo Alto).

Cooperstein, Robert, Some notes on the reproduction of human capital (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, The crisis of the gross national spectacle (1976, Berkeley).

Council for Conscious Existence, The Phalansterian (1971-72, New York).

------------------, "A History of the Proletarian Revolution: Map 1" (1971, New York).

------------------, translation of "The Minimum Definition of Revolutionary Organizations" (1971, New York).

------------------, "What's Going On Around Town?" (1973, New York).

------------------, "The Real Alternative" (1973, New York).

Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous, "In honor of the arrival of the weathermen" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "The dance of revolution. . . ." (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "Is This Our Fate?" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "The End of CPE" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "You are wandering . . . ." (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "On wielding the subversive scalpel" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "The Meal" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "Billy Graham Presents Dead in Berkeley, a benefit dance for Jesus Christ and all other political prisoners" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "Address to Women's Liberation" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "Gloria and Monica" (no date [1970], Berkeley).

------------------,"Goddard in Berkeley" (Berkeley, 1970).

------------------, "Great Moments in the Void" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "Leave Parktown/Leave Leisuretown/Leave Miltown" (no date, Berkeley).

Council for the Liberation of Everyday Life [Robert Chasse and Bruce Elwell], Hall of Mirrors (1967, New York).

------------------, "The Jailers Talk of Freedom" (1968, New York).

------------------, "The Newest Schools are Indistinguishable from the Newest Prisons or the Newest Industrial Complexes" (1968, New York).

------------------, The Power of Negative Thinking, or Robin Hood Rides Again (1968, New York).

Council for Unlimited Transformation, "The spectacle" (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Fragmentary Opposition" (Berkeley, 1970).

Cornford, Adam, Reader's Orgasm (date? Michigan).

------------------, Animations (1988, San Francisco).

Create Situations [Tony Verlaan and Arnaud Chastel], The Beginning of an Epoch (1971? New York).

------------------, The Poor and the Superpoor (1971? New York).

------------------, Arnaud Chastel's resignation letter (no date, Paris).

Cronin, Isaac, "Report No.1" (1974, San Francisco).

------------------, "An intervention at KPOO" (1974, San Francisco).

------------------, "Critique of counterfeitism" (1975? San Francisco).

------------------, "San Francisco Chronicle" (1975, San Francisco).

------------------, The American Situationists 1972-1977 (1978, Berkeley).

------------------, "A Critique of 'On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel' By One of Its Authors" (no date, Berkeley).

Cronin, Isaac, and Terrel Seltzer, Call it sleep (1983). Videotape.

Diversion. (See Horelick, Jon.)

Elwell, Bruce, under name Barbarians for Socialism (See Barbarians for Socialism).

-----------------, under name Council for the Liberation of Everyday Life (See Council for the Liberation of Daily Life).

Feanor. (See Gardner, Bruce.)

For Ourselves [ex-Negation members]. The right to be greedy: theses on the practical necessity of demanding everything (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, In Portugal: Capital confronts the world proletariat (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, For Ourselves, Council for Generalized Self-management (1974, Berkeley and Palo Alto).

------------------, Letter concerning delegates (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "Proposal for an International Alliance of Revolutionary Organizations" (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "You've come here to mourn two men, Dr. Salvador Allende & Pablo Neruda" (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, Whatever Happened to "For Ourselves"? (date? Berkeley).

------------------, Contract (internal document) (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, Maydaze: A Thesis of the Celebration of Alienation (originally titled "May Day - May Day") (no date).

------------------, Can"t Buy Me Love - The Last Refuge of Desire (1976).

------------------, History Repeats (no date).

------------------, Ending the Game: Democracy, Dictatorship and Communism (no date).

------------------, Hard Times (no date).

Gardner, Bruce, "Actuality" (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "Notes Toward a Theory of Revolutionary Organization" (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "Notes Toward a Theory of State-Capitalism" (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, "Proposal for an Association for Generalized Self-Management" (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "The End of Prehistory" (1975, Berkeley). Audiotape/radio broadcast.

Gray, Christopher E., translation of Rene Vienet's "Depths and Limits of the Revolutionary Crisis" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

------------------, first edition of John Zerzan's "Breakdown: Data on the Decomposition of Society" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

------------------, reprint under new title ("Maydaze: A Thesis of the Celebration of Alienation") of For Ourselves's "May Day - May Day" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

------------------, reprint of Gail Garrot's "Big City Cop" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

------------------, reprint of Jeanne Charles's "Arms and the Woman" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

------------------, reprint under new title ("Everyday Love: The Last Refuge and the Last Closet of Desire") of For Ourselves's "Money Can't Buy Me Love" (2003/2004).

------------------, adaptation of Negation's "Jesus Loves You - Kill Yourself" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

------------------, adaptation of Point Blank!'s "Space Travel" (Lust for Life, 1970s, Oregon).

Hahne, Ron and Ben Morea, Black Mask and the Motherfuckers: the incomplete works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea and the Black Mask group (1993, London).

Hammer, Dan & Isaac Cronin, "Cleveland Indian War" (1974, San Francisco).

Horelick, Jon, Diversion #1 (1973, Brooklyn).

------------------, "Beyond the crisis of abstraction and the abstract break with the crisis: the SI" (1974, Brooklyn).

------------------, On Not Knowing How to Read or Write: Munchkins Shutes and Cronin (1974? Brooklyn).

------------------, letter to El Amigo Del Pueblo (Argentina) (1975, Brooklyn).

Horelick, Jon & Tony Verlaan, letter signed in the name of the Situationist International (1970, New York).

Igor, Boy, And yet it moves: the realization an suppression of science and technology (1985, New York).

Knabb, Ken, Remarks on Contradiction and its Failure (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, "Introduction to the 'Prehistory' Section of the Bureau Collection" (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, "Reich: How to Use," translation of Voyer, "Reich: mode d'emploi" (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, "Discretion is the better part of value" (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, Double Reflection: preface to a phenomenology of the subjective aspect of practical-theoretical activity (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, Bureau Prehistory (1975, Berkeley).

------------------, Bureau Of Public Secrets #1 (1976, Berkeley).

------------------, The realization and suppression of religion (1977, Berkeley).

------------------, "Open letter to the Tokyo 'Libertaire' group" (1977, Berkeley).

------------------, "A radical group in Hong Kong" (1978, Berkeley).

------------------, "The opening in Iran" (1979, Berkeley).

------------------, "Banalities" (1979, Berkeley).

------------------, Situationist International Anthology (1981, Berkeley).

------------------, The relevance of Rexroth (1990, Berkeley).

------------------, "The war and the spectacle" (1991, Berkeley).

------------------, Strong lessons for engaged Buddhists (1993, Berkeley).

------------------, Public Secrets (1997, Berkeley).

Lanphear, Linda, "How I Became an Outside Agitator" (1969, Kalamazoo).

Lepper, John, translation of El Amigo del Pueblo's "On Our Past & Present Activity with Respect to the SI" (1974, Argentina).

Lutwidge, Charles, "A modest proposal for how the bad days will end" (1975, Palo Alto).

Maine, Colin, The Dead Hand of Islam (1979).

Millner, Sherry Disaster (Super-8 film, 1976).

Michaelson, Louis [Adam Cornford], "Can't Buy Me Love: The Last Refuge of Desire" (September, 1976).

NLC, "Meeting with Verlaan" (1975, San Francisco).

Negation, The state and counter-revolution: what is not to be done (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, Everything you always wanted to know about neighborhood councils (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, "Jesus Loves You -- Kill Yourself" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, Fake denunciation letter from Christian World Liberation Front concerning "Jesus Loves You -- Kill Yourself" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, "Don't Change Life, Change Leaders" (League of Women Voters Parody) (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, Fake letter from League of Women Voters concerning "Don't Change Life, Change Leaders" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, League of Women Voters Denies Fake Election Poster (fake statement) (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, "Runaway Shop Comics" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, The Negation of The Negation (1972-73, Berkeley).

------------------, "Forget Your Life, Contemplate Mine: From Mayday to prayday" (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, "RE: Nationwide Meat Boycott" (fake letter from Dept of Agriculture) (1973, Berkeley).

New Morning Collective, "Loaded words: a rebel's guide to Situationese" (1973, Cleveland).

Passion's Praxis, "For those seeking to substantiate their own" (no date, Berkeley).

Perlman, Fredy, The reproduction of daily life (1969, Kalamazoo).

Perlman, Fredy & Gregoire, Worker-Student Action Committees: France, 1968 (1969, Detroit).

Perspectives [David Jacobs and Christopher Winks], At Dusk: The Situationist Movement in Historical Perspective (1975, Berkeley).

------------------, Letter accompanying At Dusk: The Situationist Movement in Historical Perspective (1976, Berkeley).

Point-Blank!, "The End of High School" (1971, Palo Alto).

------------------, "On Contradiction" (1971, Palo Alto).

------------------, "People's Victory" (1971, Palo Alto).

------------------, "All students are junkies, all teachers are cops" (1971, Palo Alto).

------------------, "Still Out of Order" (1971, Palo Alto).

------------------, Letter to Contradiction (1971, Palo Alto).

------------------, Point-Blank! #1 (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, "AT&T Express" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, "Riot or Ritual?" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, "7 point program of the PRG" (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, Special Last Issue: The Daily Californian (1972, Berkeley).

------------------, Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, "State of Siege" (1973, San Francisco).

------------------, "Do you ever feel like killing your boss?" (1973, San Francisco).

------------------, "Do you ever feel like stealing everything?" (1973, San Francisco).

------------------, "Is There Life Before Death?" (1973, San Francisco).

------------------, "The End of San Francisco" (1973, San Francisco).

------------------, "The False Break In Point-Blank!" (1973, San Francisco).

------------------, Space Travel: an official guide for San Francisco commuters (no date, San Francisco).

------------------, Time Recaptured: self-management and the Lip occupation, translation of text by the Friends of the Jura Federation (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, Miserable Publicity: A Disinterested Response (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "A Point of Departure" (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Questionnaire (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, Survival coupons (no date, Berkeley).

Point-Blank! & Contradiction, "Out of Order" (1971, Palo Alto/Berkeley).

Price, Tom and Daniel Steven Crafts, The Spectacle (Michigan State University, Lansing, MI, 1976).

Red-eye: A Journal of the Communist Movement [Adam Cornford, Tom Price and others] (1977, Berkeley).

Research in Daily Life, "Announcement" (1971, New York).

Rosemont, Franklin, Arsenal #1-3 (1970-73, Chicago).

Rosenberg, Gina, All Things Considered, a translation of Nadine Bloch, Compte-rendu, published as All Things Considered (1976).

Rosenberg, Gina and Chris Shutes, Disinterest Compounded Daily: a critique of Point-Blank as a revolutionary organization and a few proposals or the suppression of Situationism (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "Some Critical Notes on 'Disinterest Compounded Daily'" (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, "Remarks on Knabb's Remarks" (1974, Berkeley).

Shutes, Chris, letter of resignation from Point-Blank! (1973, Berkeley).

------------------, Phenomenology of the subjective aspect of practical-critical activity: Chapter 1: Behindism (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, Two Local Chapters in the Spectacle of Decomposition (1979, Berkeley).

------------------, On the poverty of Berkeley life: and the marginal stratum of American society in general (1983, Berkeley).

Shutes, Chris, and Isaac Cronin, Skirmishes With an Untimely Man: a critique of Diversion (1974, Berkeley).

------------------, Implications (1975, Berkeley).

Situationist International, "Address to New York City Public School Students" (1968, New York).

------------------, "Post Mortem Ante Facto" (1969, New York).

------------------, Review of the American section of the S.I. (June 1969, New York).

------------------, "Strobe Light Tyrannies of Adolescence" (no date, New York).

------------------, "To Nonsubscribers of Radical America" (1970, New York).

------------------, letter from Horelick and Verlaan (1970, New York).

1044, "Do we need Snyder for poet-priest?" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, In This Theater . . . (Berkeley, 1970).

------------------, "Ode on the Absense of Real Poetry Here This Afternoon" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "I can't . . . I won't take any more of this crap!" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, falsely attributed to Herbert Marcuse, Riot and representation: the significance of the Chicano riot (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, "A critique of 'On wielding the subversive scalpel' by one of its authors" (1970, Berkeley).

------------------, King Mob Echo's translation of "Desolation row" (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "Hello, Men!" stickers (no date, Berkeley).

------------------, "What subversion really is" (no date, Berkeley).

The Last International [Bob Black], "The 7 Danger Signs of Subjectivity" (1975, Ann Arbor).

The Negative and Its Use, Social Critique of Photography Issue #1 (no date, Berkeley).

The Re-invention of Everyday Life, "Form letter #1" (1975, Palo Alto).

------------------, "Situationist Liberation Front" (1975, Palo Alto).

------------------, "How I came to spend the early morning hours doing a satire of myself (or: explanation of 'Situationist Liberation Front' leaflet for those who have never heard of 'situationism')" (1975, Palo Alto).

------------------, A Modest Proposal for How the Bad Old Days Will End (1975, Palo Alto).

------------------, abridgment of Maurice Brinton's Authoritarian Conditioning (no date, Palo Alto).

------------------, Raoul Vaneigem's "On Living" as song lyrics (no date, Palo Alto).

------------------, abridged translation of Treatise on living (no date, Palo Alto).

The Third Force, "The Real Alternative" (1973, Ithaca, NY).

------------------, "What's Going Down Around Town?" (1973, Ithaca, NY).

Unitary Space Time, publicity flyers for "The End of Prehistory" (no date, Berkeley).

Upshot, "Remarks on failures" (1974, Los Angeles).

Verlaan, Tony, reprinted translation of "Address to the Revolutionaries of Algeria and of All Countries" (1967, New York).

Verlaan, Tony & Jon Horelick, letter signed in the name of the Situationist International (1970, New York).

Ward, Tom, "The Situationists Reconsidered," in Cultures in Contention, ed. Doug Kahn & Diane Neumaier (1985, Seattle).

-----------------, "Fifteen Years After May '68: Whatever Happened to the Entaged for Life?" (1983, Village Voice).

Widener, Warren, "The Time Has Come to Fight for Ourselves or Not At All!" (1972, Berkeley).

Winks, Christopher, translation of "The Real Break in the International" (no date, Berkeley).

Zerzan, John, Creation and its enemies: the revolt against work (1977, Rochester, NY).

------------------, The Decomposition of Society (1970s, Oregon).

------------------, Elements of Refusal (1988, Seattle).

[Editor's Note: this bibliography, which was updated in July 2005, includes manuscripts, leaflets, wall posters, books, magazines and pamphlets. Titles of longer works are italicized; those of shorter works are in quotations.]

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