The Original Philosophy and the Genuine Democracy

Texts by Cornelius Castoriadis translated into Hebrew

This 136-page-long book, first published in 2002, is the first translation of the writings of Cornelius Castoriadis into Hebrew. The translator has also included a general introduction with political biography; a list of all of Castoriadis' writings in English and French; and a 1-page intro to each article (see below).

1 End of Philosophy?
2. The Magmas
3. Creation of Color
4 The Greek POLIS and the creation of Democracy
5. The Socio-Historical
6. The Nature and Value of Equality
7. The Pulverization of Marxism-Leninism
Texts by Akiva Orr:
1. From Protest to Revolution
2. Manifesto of Direct Democracy

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