Truthful Report on the Last Chances to Save Capitalism in Italy

by "Censor" (Gianfranco Sanguinetti)

To the amicable memory of Raffaele Mattioli, who taught us to be lavish with the most precious of our goods: the truth.

Then it replied: ‘A conscience that is clouded
By its own shame or by that of another,
Will certainly feel that your words are sharp.

But none the less, all lying set aside,
Make clear to everyone the whole vision;
And let them scratch wherever they may itch.

For if you words are objectionable
For the first taste, they will yield nourishment
Afterwards, once they have been digested.

This cry of yours will do as the wind does,
Strike hardest on the summits that are highest;
And that is no small argument of honor.'

Dante, Paradiso, XVII, 124-135.

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Table of contents
I. Why capitalism must be democratic and the grandeur it achieves by being so
II. How capitalism was badly managed in Italy, and why (1943-1967)
III. In which the social war begins again and why nothing is more disastrous than believing that it has been won (1968-1969)
IV. It is never good to merely defend oneself, because victory only belongs to the attacker
V. What the world crisis is, and the different forms in which it manifests itself
VI. What the Communists really are, and what we must do with them
VII. Exhortation to rescue capitalism from its irrationalities and to save it
Proofs of the Nonexistence of Censor by his Creator
Press clippings concerning Censor
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