T. J. Clark


Interviewed by Andrew Whitehead (2021)


The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution (1967) co-authored by Christopher Gray, Charles Radcliffe and Donald Nicholson-Smith
Why Art Can't Kill the Situationist International (1997) co-authored with Donald Nicholson-Smith
Preface to Anselm Jappe's "Guy Debord" (1999)

Reviews of his works

The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers (1985)
Farewell To An Idea: Episodes from a History of Modernism (1999)
RETORT: "Afflicted Powers: The State, the Spectacle and September 11" (2004)
RETORT: "An Exchange on Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War" (2006)
Picasso and Truth: From Cubism and Guernica (2013)
Heaven on Earth: Painting and the Life to Come (2018)

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