from Guy Debord

To Melanotte
10 February 1959
Dear Giors:

I have shown your letter to [Asger] Jorn. Sure enough, he has been in Paris since my own return here -- or, rather, a little beforehand. I have seen him several times. He spoke to me with enthusiasm of the work accomplished in Alba.

Thank you for the photos, which already give me a certain idea of the ambience that we will create on the rue Visconti.[1]

The only problem for Drouin: getting the materials as soon as possible. Indicate to me the exact day that the paintings will be sent, and the probable day that that they will be delivered in Paris. At that moment, we will concern ourselves with Drouin. And as soon as he has fixed the date -- still sometime in March -- you must arrange your own voyage. We count on you coming here: first, because your presence will be very drole and we might also need to be a large group.

We have anticipated several details so as to add to the splendor of the exposition.

Tell Pinot [Gallizio] that he need not be worried: the favorable judgment of Drouin is guaranteed in advance -- according to Drouin's friends -- , and what does the judgment of a dealer in paintings, even one who is "intelligent," matter to Pinot Gallizio? Industrial painting is beyond such matters of taste and judgment.

Another important thing. We have set the IIIrd international conference of the SI for Munich in April [1959] -- at the moment of Pinot's exposition at Van de Loo's gallery. Can you soon write me the precise date set for the opening of this exposition? I think that you must already know it. If not, write very quickly to Van de Loo so as to learn it. We have already sent out the invitations, but without being able to specify the date of the opening.

At this moment, Helmut Sturm, from the Spur group, is here [in Paris]. He and his friends have for the last month made a formidible agitation in Germany, with scandals, brawls and a manifesto[2] in which they proclaim themselves to be situationists.

On the contrary, Hans Platschek still collaborates with the Swiss journal Panderma,[3] which has become even more reactionary in its second issue. Naturally, we have excluded him, and there has been a very amusing exchange of telegrams.

1st telegram: "After your relapse [recidive] in Panderma the Situationist International considers you a definite cretin -- Stop -- Go court Hantai." (Hantai is a fascist who is the god of Panderma.)

Platschek's response: "It is necessary to exterminate the Parisian concierges,[4] whose spirit of control has infected revolutionary intellectuals."[5]

2d situationist telegram: "Platschek the individualist is kind -- Stop -- He is a revolutionary intellectual so one cannot control [him] -- Stop -- But controling him has been too easy -- Stop -- It is over -- Stop -- The 'I' without 'we' falls back into the prefabricated mass."

In sum, we have made great progress in Germany.

Quite amicably to you all and see you soon.


[1] Translator: the location in Paris of the Drouin Gallery.

[2] Translator: Nervenuh! Keine Experimente! (Keep calm! No experiments!), signed by Asger Jorn and Hans Platschek, 1 January 1958, Munich.

[3] Translator: A "Dadaist-Royalist" journal.

[4] Translator: literally building superintendants ("supers"), but implies that they are also gossip-mongers.

[5] Translator: in the version of this exchange published in Potlatch #30 (new series), 15 July 1959, this telegram goes on to say "Their royal 'we' is detestible."

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 1, 1957-1960. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! October 2005.)

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