from Guy Debord

To Alexander Trocchi
12 October 1964
Dear Alex:

Thank you for sending The Moving Times.[1] We will try to read this [English-language] journal as exactly as possible.

We understand perfectly how the current development of this enterprise necessitates not citing us (the Situationist organization) too directly.

The very clear attitude of rupture with respect to the intellectual milieu and its current problems -- which, as you know, we have adopted here on the continent -- will certainly be quite troublesome for The Moving Times project and for those who can support it.

Reciprocally, the S[ituationist] I[nternational] might find itself discomforted if certain aspects or collaborators on this project were compared to the SI's other declarations.

Thus we agree that you must advance on this route in complete freedom with respect to us.

Nevertheless, we hope that this official "resignation" from the SI will not in the least prevent the coordination of your actions with those that we will make.

Almost amicably,

P.S. As you guessed, our article in the literary supplement to the September [1964] issue of the Times[2] was badly translated by the editors, especially where two or three sufficiently important points are concerned.

[1] The Moving Times (title borrowed from William Burroughs) was a poster-magazine edited by Trocchi in the framework of the "sigma" project: "Now and in the future our center will be it-doesn't-matter-where, our circumference nowhere [...] to find others."

[2] Article by Michele Bernstein, published in the Times Literary Supplement for 3 September 1964.

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 2, 1960-1964. Footnotes by Alice Debord. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2005.)

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