from Mustapha Khayati

To Champ Libre
12 October 1976

I have heard that Editions Champ Libre is in the process of re-publishing The Poverty of Student Life.[1] Since you have found it superfluous to warn me, I must inform you that this text isn't made for the official commercial form that you want to give it, and that it is necessary to let this text continue to circulate in its many pirate editions.

I thus tell you that I am formally opposed to any re-publication of The Poverty, by you or any other publishing house.

In case you persist in not bearing my opinion in mind, I remind you that:

"Do not doubt, Sir, that the class consciousness of our era has made sufficient progress for it to know how to settle accounts using its own means with the pseudo-specialists of its history, who claim that they will continue to subsist on its practice" (I.S. #12, p. 90).[2]

[1] Trans: Signed by Khayati, co-written with Guy Debord, and published as a pamphlet in November 1967, thanks to the diversion of funds from student organizations at the University of Strasbourg.

[2] Trans: the last line of a letter to Jean Maitron dated 24 October 1968, signed Debord, Riesel, Sebastiani, Vaneigem and Vienet, and cited in "Maitron the Historian," Internationale Situationniste #12 September 1969.

(Published in Editions Champ Libre, Correspondance, Volume I, Paris: 1978. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! January 2006.)

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