Texts concerning "The Tarnac Affair"

as translated by NOT BORED!

Critical Analysis

by Le Jura Libertaire (Jan 09)
by Claude Guillon (Sept 09)
by Claude Guillon (Oct 09)
by Claude Guillon (open letter to Gerard Coupat) (May 10)

Statements by the "Tarnac Ten"

To our judges (17 March 09)
Interview with Julien Coupat (25 May 09)
Why we will no longer respect the judicial restraints placed upon us (4 Dec 09)
Letter to the judge from Julien Coupat (18 Dec 13)
Transcript of testimony by Yildune Lévy (23 Jan 14)
"Counter-terrorism is a method of government" (14 Feb 14)
"Leaving the Logic of Security Behind" (18 July 14)
Counter-Terrorism: It Doesn’t Judge Enemies; It Fights Against Them (21 July 14)
Excerpts of interview with Julien Coupat (11 May 15)
Full text of interview with Julien Coupat (11 May 15)
Bye-Bye St. Eloi! Observations Concerning the Definitive Indictment Issued by the Public Prosecutor of the Republic in the So-called Tarnac Affair (8 June 15)
An Open Letter to "Charlie Hebdo" (17 June 15)
Collected into one volume (2009-2015)

Statement from the Friends of the Tarnac Commune

An appeal (Dec 10)

About the evidence against the "Tarnac Ten"

Tarnac: Witness X and his rigged testimony (25 Nov 09)
Has the Surveillance Gone Too far? (22 Jan 10)
Tarnac: Illegally Installed Ears (25 Feb 10)

News about the "Tarnac Ten"

Judicial supervision of Julien Coupat lightened (19 Dec 09)
The prosecutor wants Julien Coupat back in jail for terrorism (7 May 15)

Support Committee Statements

The arrest of Tessa (May 09)
We are all iron bars (11 May 09)
An order to bring down (14 May 09)
Tarnac, Berlin, Perousse (19 July 09)
Three German Autonomes (29 July 09)
Communique concerning new arrest (24 Nov 09)
Politicians and lawyers denounce "a criminal procedure under the cover of [fighting] terrorism" (25 Nov 09)
Unauthorized visit to the SDAT (30 Nov 09)

The Coming Insurrection

Preface by the Invisible Committee (Jan 09)
The truth about "The Coming Insurrection" by the Indigestible (7 Aug 09)
Interview with Eric Hazan, its first publisher (Feb 10)

The Imaginary Party

"To a friend": Preface to an anthology of writings by Blanqui (2007)


Situationist inheritors Patrick Marcolini (March/April 09)
Advisory Jules Bonne de la Bande (9 Oct 09)

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