Peggy Ahwesh, surmising correctly that her boyfriend Keith Sanborn needs help, responds to NOT BORED!'s posting


not bored, you've taken up quite a bit of space for your sales pitch in an effort to make your own profit off the situationists.

Whoever you are--you sound like a total jerk and someone who has a pretty warped sense of entitlement and a big dose of misplaced righteousness!!!

I worked with Keith Sanborn on the translations and subtitling of the two videotape projects you are now bootlegging and we have not made any profit on either of them (you could ask and find out the facts if you wanted them) and paid for them out of our own meager pockets.

And I don't *even care* if you are selling the next dupe generation yourself--I don't have a controlling and authoritarian nature such as yourself and lay no claim to the ownership of the works---

but GET A LIFE MAN, your struggle is with your own EGO and has nothing to do with community, political history or your right to lay claim to deBord's corpse.

Hey I have an idea--why don't you take it upon yourself to do your own translation of the other deBord film works and make, say, 200 subtitled VHS distribution copies and sell them to all of us for $10.00 apiece. That sounds like a good project for someone like you who's so committed and informed and has so much dead time on their hands.

Peggy Ahwesh



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