from Guy Bodson

To Guy Debord
[no date]

Re-reading my text,[1] I think that it can be critiqued in the sense of the expression "totality."

Indeed, a sector has been left to the side; in re-thinking it, perhaps it would be a question on my part of a thoughtless reaction, insofar as "painting" is concerned.

It is quite certain that each person finds himself touched by an aspect of your global critique and this in his [area of] specialization: unionist, artist, "Marxist," etc. . . .

It is very rapidly becoming a question of the degree of compromise in existence, either concerning work or any other thing. Perhaps something remains between integrated and dead?

In any case, the publication of the article, following by the pamphlet [On the Poverty of Student Life] has clearly diminished the degree of "tolerance" [in the Anarchist Deferation].

Already certain responses are ready[2] and they -- unfortunately -- go in the direction you critiqued.

Good health
G. Bodson

[1] What is situationism?, published in Le Monde Libertaire #127, December 1966.

[2] Those responses would include Charles-August Bontemps' Open letter to Guy Antoine on Situationism and Maurice Joyeux's Tough Customers!.

(Never published. Private distribution. Translated from the French and footnoted by NOT BORED! September 2005.)

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