Background to the Brooklyn Cacophony Society's Suppression of Bill Not Bored

Ridiculous non-complaint by Mike Connor and William Abernathy to Bill not Bored's ISP

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 15:38:05 -0700

From: William Abernathy

MIME-Version: 1.0

To: Anthony@THORN.NET, dns@THORN.NET

CC: mike connor ,,

Subject: Re: nettiquette problems with a thorn client

Dear Administrators:

I am one of two list administrators for the list brooklyn-cacophony (via Our list was trolled by NOT BORED! yesterday, and a lot of fur flew. I kicked this user off the list, but did not explain who I was or why I'd kicked him until after he'd re-joined the list. Apparently, he felt that he'd been kicked without proper authority. After transmitting a message explaining my kick to him, he posted one more email to the list, which bounced, and we haven't heard from him since. At this point, and unless and until we hear more from "NOT BORED! ", I will consider this matter closed. Please direct any future inquiries into this matter to myself and to, the other list signatory.

Thank you.


mike connor wrote:

Our list serve is having trouble with one of your clients: NOT BORED!
He's been kicked off of our listserve ( late last night for really bad netiquette. But he has reregisteredd this morning and is at it again. He has never been a part of our group. He signed on yesterday and started with in with an all day rant.
Our listserv is intended for people who come to our meetings or are curious about joining. We've had a few unsubscribes because of the foolishness that is going into everyone's mailboxes.
I've never had to deal with sort of thing before and I don't know what your policies are, but we want him gone and we want our list back. Anything you can do to help would be great.
If you need more testimony to his foolishness, rude behaviour, and party crashing, I'll be glad to have other people contact you.


William Abernathy



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