Background to the Brooklyn Cacophony Society's Suppression of Bill Not Bored

William Abernathy, worried that discussion brings disharmony to his cacophony group, attempts to silence it

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:49:31 -0700

From: William Abernathy

To: brooklyn-cacophony

Subject: Enough already.


Mr. YGHG has monopolized enough of our time, energy and attention. Earlier this evening, I was contemplating going aggro with my amazing "List Killa" power (just like shooting guns: once you fire that first shot, you never wanna go back...), [note: Abernathy is a self-described "gun nut"] but Morocco Mike, proffering me the sweet humours of a peculiar incense smuggled from the bustling markets of faraway Fez, calmed my ire and stayed my fearsome wrath. So, with threats of wholesale booting removed (and much renouncing of ways, praise Allah!) I ask you all to kindly put the strange case of YGHG behind us (until Halloween).

I am quite serious about this: we lost another list subscriber today, so I am *strongly encouraging* your restraint.

The facts:

1) Mr. YGHG is no longer on the list, and is no longer attempting to join the list. To my mind, this means we have parted as cleanly as is possible. The matter is closed. The classy thing to do is not to bother him any more, and I recommend you all stick by that so that he doesn't try to come back with blood in his eyes.

2) I acted unilaterally in banning him. My decision is as irrevocable, final, and undemocratic as an Old Testament curse. If you have difficulties with the way Wink or I run this list, please take it up with us privately, and we will cheerfully and open-mindedly issue our callous rebukes off-line, preserving the serene, low-traffic list we know and love. Questions or comments regarding the Brooklyn Cacophony Web page should be addressed to our esteemed Webmaster Mike Connor. If you want to have an online discussion about what a bastard I am, please go to USENet and found alt.abernathy.what.a.bastard. I would love the attention. Same goes for love letters to YGHG...

3) Further on-list banter on the topic only provides YGHG with the satisfaction of knowing he's being talked about, and further serves to alienate other subscribers, again disrupting the list and compromising its purpose. That purpose (once again) is organizing events ad magnam gloriam cacaphoniam.

Thank you for your energy, your enthusiasm, and (on this occasion) your restraint.


Supreme Generalissimo William "Idi" Abernathy



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