Background to the Brooklyn Cacophony Society's Suppression of Bill Not Bored

William Abernathy, scared that Bill Not Bored has posted his picture, gets Mike Connor (?!) to try to have it removed

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 10:53:48 -0400

To: mike connor

From: Anthony Spina

Subject: Re: harrasment continues


Dear Mr. Connor,

I have run into these situations before. Unless has violated or broken spamming rules, attempting to hack, spoofing or any other direct law breaking activety there is no action to be taken by Thorn.

Thorn Communications is neither a judge or jury for the Internet. We are a transport provider to the Internet. It is not our right to penalize someone for unkindly commenting on a list serve. The correct channels to pursue this matter are in the Courts.

As for the picture on's web site, I saw nothing indecent about the photo and again have no authority to action against what amounts to freedom of speech.

I sincerely hope that you understand our policies here. If you were a subscriber on the Thorn network you would receive the same impartial and unbiased support of the First Amendment.


Anthony Spina

At 10:26 PM 10/19/98 -0400, you wrote:

Mr. Spina:
Your customer, NOT BORED! , who was kicked off our listserve ( last week has upgraded himself from annoying pest to stalker status.
There you will see a photo of one of our list serve admin William Abernathy. Personally, I don't care about his recent documentation about our recent flame war. But the photo is crossing the line of privacy and decency. I hope you will ask [sic] the responsible thing and ask him to remove it or cut off his service.
I'd appreciate a response from you on this.
Brooklyn Cacophony



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