Background to the Brooklyn Cacophony Society's Suppression of Bill Not Bored

Mike Connor responds to Bill Not Bored's response to Mike Connor's response to Bill not Bored's denunciation of him

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 14:54:46 -0400 (EDT)


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From: mike connor

Subject: Re: the list owner speaks and answers no questions

But William, what do you really think?
That you -- just like William Abernathy -- steered clear of the salient point, which is that the Brooklyn Cacophony Society has announced that its members would dress up as the Yuppie Go Home guy for Halloween.
Clearly formulated question: is this true or not?

I guess you'll just have to wait and see. It's not like your asking for it or anything.

Well, I'll just spit on the corpse and say what I found particularly galling about the YGH tag was when I saw the stencil sprayed on top of some real art work of some Puerto Rican kid.
Because you yourself are Puetro Rican? Because you fancy yourself "moral" or "ethical," despite your cowardice and bad faith?
How long does it take to spray those stencils anyway? 3 seconds?
About 5 seconds. What's your point?

You fucked up some kid's art that took effort with something that took no effort or talent! You also spray painted on peoples windows and if I had caught you doing it to mine you'd be in the emergency room pulling a spray can out of your keester.

Just a suggestion... next time you want to engage someone on their own turf - this list - don't start the conversation by calling anyone a 'weenie.'
Suggestion duly noted.
And now, Mike Connor, let us hear from the other subscribers to your list serv.

whatever Mr. ???

That was a pretty good chair fight, No? I'd look out though, I have a feeling William is packing a full living room pit.

So while this won't end for a while, I go spank monkey now.


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