Keith Sanborn complains to Blackout Books about Bill Brown, editor of NOT BORED! because of Brown's posting concerning Sanborn's charging $30 and $40 for copies of subtitled situationist tapes

At 05:04 PM 6/28/97 -0400, Keith Sanborn wrote to Blackout Books:

Since, Bill Brown has repeatedly libeled me in the part of the world we share, I wanted to share with you my response. I've withheld it until now, because I thought eventually he would get bored. The last thing I want to do is waste my time dealing further with a psycholike Bill Brown.

The next day, Bill -- who volunteers at Blackout and is much liked thereat -- wrote back to Sanborn from the bookstore.

Thanks for sending this along, schmuck. I laughed about it for hours! I like Bill Brown and think what he's doing with the tapes is great. Furthermore, no where in your really long e-mail do you explain why you are charging $30 a tape and not something more affordable. So, why are you?
A volunteer

On Tuesday 1 July 1997, Kranky Keith wrote back to say:

Thanks for responding, too bad you're such a coward you don't sign your name. You do seem to be a friend of Bill Brown's. If you are delusional enough to think anyone could make $23,000 out of selling video tapes like that. Apparently the inability to add or the willingness to participate in big public lies is a characteristic necessary to become a comrade of an individual like Mr. Brown.



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